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Binge reading. There is not much better than that feeling of a good book. I am an old school classic flipping paper pages most of the times, but sometimes kindle calls. 

The Buried Giant is  a beautifully written novel that both takes you to a far away place, shows you love, empathy, war, and also some fantasy. At the end of the novel I was left wondering about memories and how much they serve.

A lot, the majority of the time. But I know my lesser self fixates on the poor memories and let's them be daggers to use in a knife fight with my husband. The better self will never forget the memories of life, so I suppose it is another example of  taking the good with the bad? 

Overall I recommend this book, same author as Never Let Go which was another beautifully written story that masquerades some much deeper ideas. Quick, pleasurable read that will leave you longer for true love in it's sweetest sense.