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We love Erin for a million reasons, among them her adorable little one, great style and constant great fashion and workout shots.  When she put together a workout routine using the Ubarre all we can say is aww yea...U rock. Follow along here, do the following moves once thru, repeat, or even separate the moves. 


#1. Reach and Pull: Stand legs in wide lunge with back heel lifted. Extend arm (as shown), pull back elbow to sky. Repeat 20x on each side, repeat as necessary

{Targets your core, shoulders and biceps}




#2. Warrior III Balance and Sculpt: Extend arms as shown and lower body until parallel with floor, then rise to stand. Repeat 10x on each side.

{Targets core, shoulders, glutes and improves balance}


#3. Lifted Heel Lunges: Stand legs wide one foot in front of other, bend knees to 90 degrees. Straighten legs and lower down to 90 degrees again. Add in pulses while in lowered position and lift front heel.

{Targets glutes, arms, core--Pulse in this position for 30 seconds, switch sides, repeat if necessary!}


#4. Standing Glute and Core: Stand feet wide with knees over heels. Extend arms straight front and pulse legs. Extend arms overhead and lean from one side to next making a rainbow overhead.

{Targets: Obliques, core, arms, glutes, back, quadriceps}


#5. Bridge Booty Burner: Lie flat on back bending knees with feet on ground (as shown). Lift hips off ground with Barre overhead. Move arms overhead then straight above. Can also add in hip pulses moving an inch up and down with arm movement. If you're feeling saucy, extend one leg to sky with the movements.

{Targets: Glutes, back, core, shoulders}





#6. Weighted Russian Twist: With Knees bent and feet lifted off the floor twist from side to side

{Targets: Core, obliques, shoulders, lats}


 Enjoy and don't forget the power of movement!