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Okay...I am going to get straight to it. This part of the pregnancy is straight up weird. Here are a few little facts. I have a business that is going amazing (THANK YOU!!!) More products in the works, dreams bigger than that Wyoming sky, two amazing step kids and a nursery that is partially finished due to my not knowing if it is a Rope or a Lola...let's just say the wheels they turn and turn fast they do. 

       This part of the pregnancy is interesting. I am confused as to whether I should be resting or nesting, when the major cramps that come signify I need to rest, dance or walk...just so many questions! 
I love the joy of writing as certain discoveries are made. Your instincts and discoveries start to come to light. One of the things i an realizing is the crucial element of being willing to ask for help. Should come easy right? Nope. Not for this country girl. But the time has come and ask I shall do. My amazing ob, Dr Hakhaka has the most calm demeanor. "Umm what does this mean? What can I do? Should  relax? Work? What do I do!!!!" to which she responds simply "Yes. You are good." 

Translation? Do what you need! Listen to your body. Those cramps are the baby getting ready to come. Your body has been going thru miraculous changes and is in the final stages. Let it be. How do you want to spend the last bits of time pre baby? 

For me...I'll take the activity buffet. Some reading, some movement "My go to Ubarre move is the round the world lunge with a  bicep curl lately." A dab of meeting a girlfriend for a chataranga and a hypnobirthing rest when the body truly says. 


Whether you are pregnant or not listening to our body and listening when it says to power thru or take a breather. We are gifted these amazing instincts. Take the time to listen, for U know what to do. 


Now it's off to making my smoothie lunch.