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I have been struggling a bit in thinking how to address when recently (and currently) much of Southern California was ablaze.  I grew up in the small town of Ojai. Now it is often seeing as the spa, the upscale vega, but the truth is the Ojai we know is that but WAY more. Overnight the flames erupted. My parents home had flames on the hillside, so many of our friends, some sadly losing the battle. The fear and panic and helplessness were just a few factors. 

What further defined the town is what defined it always...Ojai is an incredibly strong community. Even that is an understatement. We had friends with hoses powering down any and all houses they could. Pickup trucks were loaded up with dirt and shovels while they drove around and put out the embers. Community threads provided helpful information, but anyone and everyone banded together to do what they could to save the town. People policed the area protecting against looters ( I won't even go into the fact there were looters!) Any and every way people helped. 
That is my town. That is my Ojai. That is one town that will be rebuilt stronger than ever. Take a moment to be grateful, and this holiday season let's be sure to give to the millions who need it. 


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We will be donating 20% of all sales to The Thomas Relief Fire Fund.