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Well, both. I am officially 5 months pregnant and must say it is awesome. Okay, truthfully it is. The first trimester? None was lying when they said you would be so exhausted and unable to pound that extra double shot you always did at 3 pm, not to me insatiably hungry and never enduringly nauseous. Still...It's pretty cool. 

Interesting things do start to happen though, like for example the thought of "OMG what will be going on with my business, aka the baby I currently have." I have upped my education game (If you don't know about EDX you should.) Upped my workload and spend days trying to cram as much in as possible because with the first baby on the horizon I am so damn excited and have absolutely no idea what to expect. Sleepless nights, all consuming love, but the rest? Only the future knows....

Weird fears seep in and it has become time to master the art of the present time and controlling that insane mind. The insane mind can be a great thing, it makes you dream, hustle, laugh...but it can also make you paralyzed with fear. I used to pour a great glass of wine to remind myself the workday is done, you kicked some major booty and let's relax. Possible no more. 

Here are a few ways I have attempted to control the small mental creature that makes my mental wheels turn so fast: 


  • Nightly baths. Not too hot, but with candles and a good book, thrice weekly face masks and some dim lighting this little feline is feeling relaxed. 
  • Move. That. Body. I have become hooked on shorter workouts, not too different from pre pregnancy. But in general am just a fan. From neighborhood walks to the elliptical binge watching Girls Guide To Divorce, it is crucial to move. One would also hope that you love what you have created, which is in fact true for myself and the Ubarre. It has been fantastic for my core workout and that booty in the backyard sunshine. Ten minutes of Beyonce and the Gold 4 lb Ubarre and might spirit and my booty are set and feeling good. 
  • Turn off the electronics. I repeat: turn off the electronics. The thing which is causing that immeasurable anxiety of how will time change post June is the same thing driving me to make the best use of my time ever. That book I have been dying to read? Reading it. I still tend spend a bit of those wasted minutes not he web, the difference is now they are designated. Fifteen minutes guilt free on Net a Porter and Vogue until it is back to productivity in whatever regards it is structured to be. 

Do you have any tips on managing your anxiety? Pregnant? Let me know! 

Sending loving,