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I could not be more proud of my husband and his latest movie, Wonder Woman, is one I simply love! Good story, bad ass action, an inspirational woman, story  and friend...oh yes I have been excited. 

So what do you wear to the premiere when you swallowed a basketball? I had no idea. Thankfully I wandered into Free People for some gift lingerie and stumbled upon the perfect dress. Maxi. Empire waist. Silk. All signs point to yes.  

Now I confess to being a shoe addict, and the 5 inch stilettos I planned on wearing were not going to cut it. Enter Net a Porter. And out glistened the metallic Chloe Mules with a decent height but good enough thickness on the heel that Rope Lola and I would be safe. 



I used the black Ubarre (8 lb) for some quick arm moves before leaving that tone up and keep the arms looking well. Biceps, triceps and shoulders. All under 5 minutes and I was out the door! Shoutout also to Dana Ward and her Pre Heels. Love meeting fantastic girl bosses who are out there creating. Not to mention she is simply a radiant light and I got no blisters! 


So there you have it, congrats to my husband, Gal, Patty and all who made the movie!