Black vegan leather ankle weights or wrist weights. 1.5 lbs of   a chic and delicious body loving workout tool. Why UWRAP?  We use metal balls instead of sand for an extra level of comfort and security. The vegan leather and gold hardware is stylish enough you want to use it....
Our golden Ubarre. Shining bright for U.  
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Standard dimensions are 4’ x 3.5’’  If you need something alternated please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.
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The charcoal Ubarre. Designed to make you retox, detox, and be-tox.
From $135.00
The classic matte black UBarre with gold cap. A stylish home decor or gym piece to update that modern movement.       
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White gloss Ubarre with a sexy gold cap. Delicious. Simply delicious. Currently out of stock and being made for you in the heartland of Iowa. Shipping mid March. 
From $115.00