chic ankle weights

Inspired by Design

We believe that beautiful design inspires movement. You reach for what makes you feel good.


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"Why settle for ugly iron kettlebells? Available in four sizes and finishes, this überstylish U-shaped weight is chic enough to double as home decor."

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"Active doesn't always mean head-to-toe athletic gear. Crisp wide-leg shorts and a sporty top are also suitable for social sport. Pink heels optional."

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"Actress Nikki DeLoach who just had a baby boy in October, said she got back on track to getting her body back by simply being kind and compassionate to herself…"

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We believe in a minute of movement; that fitness is not about a destination but it is about movement. We believe that beatiful design makes you want to use your weights, not hide them away. We bvelieve in you sculpting your best self.

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Inspiring the best u.

As a former model turned soap opera actress on General Hospital, our founder Kodi Kitchen Berg had her daughter and realized fitness was always about the end result. There was nothing addressing the positive benefits from one minute of movement. A lover of design she believed that by fusing functionality with design a lifestyle of movement could be at your fingertips.

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