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About Best U Studio

Best U studio began as a workout studio in West Hollywood in 2015. We wanted to create a space where the movement was incredible, and equally important was the space where you could laugh and honor however you were feeling that day.

The original Ubarre came as a physical representation of this:

A "U" barre for U. Movement inspired by design. 

That same philosophy applies to best U today. Through videos, events, and our line of workout equipment we wanted to create something that could seamlessly blend into your life. That when you saw it, you may be inspired to move. As mothers we understand time scarcity. Adding a five minute arm workout with a baby in one hand and a UBarre in the other is just one way we believe that movement is crucial thru life. 

Some Fun Facts About Me:

  • I am thru and thru small town girl, coming from a ranch in Wyoming and Ojai.
  • I can actually say" I am not a Dr, I just played one on tv." before best U studio I was a model and then Dr.  Maggie on General Hospital. 
  • I have three amazing children, two from my husband's first marriage and a one year old little girl.  
  • never in my life did I dream that my dream job would be to design work out equipment, but it makes me happy beyond measure from the people I get to meet to the creativity behind some of the designs. 
  • I sneeze at an uncontrollably loud decibel level. 


Kodi Kitchen - Founder, Best U Studio

Kodi Kitchen, FOUNDER