How U Move - Alex Dantzig, Founder of JETSWEAT Fitness

How U Move - Alex Dantzig, Founder of JETSWEAT Fitness

We caught up with Alex Dantzig, the Founder of JETSWEAT Fitness on her movement routine. 

- Quick 3-5 sentences about you and your story? 

I'm a west coast native, moved to NYC 15 years ago to start my career in finance and fell in love with the city energy so have been here ever since. After years of work travel and experiencing frustrations with the inconveniences of studio fitness classes, I decided to make a bold move and found JETSWEAT. I wanted to create a platform for studio class enthusiasts like me to easily access their classes remotely, while powering the digital transformations for boutique fitness studios. 

- What does movement mean for U?

So much. It's how I energize and rejuvenate after a tough day, a way to spend quality time out for a stroll with my new baby, and of course how I stay healthy and feeling confident and strong.    

- Tell us about your movement routine?

I do something on JETSWEAT 6 days a week, sometimes full workouts and sometimes just a quick 10 minutes squeezed into a free window of time between calls. And I try to get outside every day too, either for a walk along the Hudson or just running around the city between errands and meetings can be quite a lot of movement. 

- How do you take time for U?

Lately, time for me is spending time with my baby, because I enjoy it so much. 

- What's the best advice you ever received?

Remember to have fun! 

- Favorite way to incorporate Equipt into your workout?

With JETSWEAT of course! We have tons of classes that don't require equipment, but even those are enhanced with a little weight and Equipt has so many perfect options to incorporate. 

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