Movement from Lake Como

Movement from Lake Como

Last week I took a slight holiday (Ok more than slight. I took a holiday and went to Lake Como. This was the first time abroad in years and being in Italy did not disappoint. The attempt to improve my Italian, the gorgeous palette of the homes, to simply being in another country and exploring it was incredible and not to be taken for granted. 


My Ubarre and Uwraps go absolutely everywhere with me. Even took some inspiration and wore the ankle weights under my pants thru the airport. 

Here's how I added movement thru the holiday: 

Day one: Woke up early. (Too early!) This was the first time away in awhile. Threw on my swimsuit and cutoffs, strapped on the ankle weights and grabbed my Ubarre. 

Full Body Move to get heart rate and blood flow going. 

I ended with some gentle core moves to bring some calmness to the body. 

Leaving the Ubarre and grabbing the sunglasses I headed out to explore. Note to self: Glad I grew up learning a stick shift, a small Fiat in a foreign country translates to major adventure! Simply walking around is an absolute favorite thing to do. 

Another day was some gentle movement on the porch, focusing again on the breathe, balance core and stretching. 

Remind yourself that movement is always at your fingertips. It can be small things integrated into your travel plans. And naturally bring your Ubarre travelling with you!