Joining the fileist at NYC to celebrate female inventors in Showfields

Joining the fileist at NYC to celebrate female inventors in Showfields

Last week I went to NYC to celebrate the launch of the fileist, debuting at Showfields.  Founded by inventor of the Toptote Lindsay Albanese, our Ubarre sits among three other female founded brands. We build from necessity. In my case, having my daughter reaffirmed the desire to have movement not as a destination, but something that could make me feel sensual and powerful all day long. Movement at your fingertips. A little reminder to every young girl out inventor is someone who simply creates something they believe needs to exist. Every step, every question leading towards the next one, eventually landing on something you dreamt could truly exist. If you're in NYC definitely check out Showfields to grab your tools and move thru life. 

For anyone out there dreaming of creating a product here are some go to musings to help you:

  • 80/20 rule: A favorite quote is if your product is perfect when you launch you waited too long. 
  • Know your why. 
  • Don't be afraid to look at the unconventional: We have some exciting new products in the works , one of which is using a fully sustainable material in a completely different manner than it traditionally is. Think out side the box. Prototype ( Don't over complicate this for your first round!) 
  • Ask ask and ask. Do not waste anyone's time so be specific if you know the question you have and take the time to be a generalist in your journey. People often are very excited to help. 

Sending x and movement,