How U Move - Andrea Bogart

How U Move - Andrea Bogart

Dancer, actress, yoga teacher... Is there anything Andrea Bogart can't do? We caught up with her on her movement routine, lifestyle and wellness. 

- Quick 3-5 sentences about you

Professional dancer, actress, Andrea Bogart fell in love with yoga over the last decade for it’s incredible life-transforming qualities. With over 300 hours of teacher training, leading numerous events and thousands of classes and private sessions in Los Angeles since 2012, she has developed a niche for creating joyful classes for everyone’s needs. Becoming a wife and mama moved her life to Sonoma, CA in 2017 where she continues to actively lead yoga and meditation sessions of many facets; corporate retreats, self-care events, classes, privates and mindfully curated experiences. She thrives on collaborating with aligned businesses and individuals with an enthusiasm for wellness. Propelling others into a healthier, happier, more mindful place is Andrea’s passion and weaved into her Vinyasa Flow classes which you can also find on-line (IGTV, YouTube, HowToPracticeYoga). You can also find her Mindful Living Blog at

- What does movement mean for U?

Movement for me means “moving” mindfully through each day with the awareness that cultivates more compassionate meaning to our lives in all that we do; physically, emotionally, spiritually. Movement is a whole body, whole soul experience and my effort is to link those harmoniously. 

- Tell us about your movement routine?

 I crave daily movement, and a variety of movement that keeps me feeling vibrantly alive! Starting my day with meditation and at least a few yoga stretches: grounding breaths,  figure four on my back, cat/cow, downward facing dog, plank, child’s pose are a few I try to do daily. Whether it’s yoga, walking, hiking, biking, swimming, light weights, Peloton rides or a sweaty dance class, I am a mover daily. Since having my second baby it’s been wonderful to create home routines that can either incorporate baby or make it a priority to get those quick freestyle home workouts in when I have personal time.  I love props and accessories so you’ll often find me incorporating my UWraps, UBarre, a block, bolster and strap into my routines. 

- How do you take time for U?

That makes me smile… I know how important this is so even with a new baby I’m breastfeeding, and a four year old, I work at creating this space for myself with help from our nanny and my husband. Since I spend a lot of time teaching, I really enjoy when I can take a class for myself and get lost in someone else leading; yoga, dance fitness, Peloton or being in nature walking or going for a swim in our pool are some of my favorites. I love reading and writing so I’m always jotting down story ideas for my mindful living blog and children’s literature stories. You’ll also find me soaking in hot Salvare CBD baths to rejuvenate sore muscles and totally relax. 

- What's the best advice you ever received?

Wow, the best? I have a few that have been transformative… "Focus on what you want, manifest it, visualize IT... not what you fear”,  “Remember things in life happen for you, not to you”, “Shift into gratitude when you feel negative”.

- Favorite UBarre / UWrap moves?

I love using the UBarre for a core series in navasana (boat pose) twisting from side to side, It’s also super useful for balance support in ardha chandrasana (half-moon). My favorite UWrap moves are for legs and gluteus; donkey raises, leg extension lifts, fire hydrant pulls, table top side leg lifts.