I will confess...I have been nervous to announce. Then I thought, pipe down nerves I don't want you in my life. 

So here it is. The project is not finished. I have a ton of aspirations for where we are going) and the best way to get there is to begin. 

We are beginning with our on demand videos and weekly live workouts. Those will be 25-30 minute weekly with good ol' Me, Kodi. Whether you have Ubarre, U wraps or nada nada lemonada we will have them options. (Confession. I will always have both pieces but will have an option for you to modify if by chance you don't.) 

We will be announcing more workouts from various trainers for a range of workouts and some other exciting things. Please join the journey, use the code to start working out complimentary for the first month and let's have some fun! 



We are offering the first month complimentary and after that it is only $14.95! 


Let's MOVE together here!