The grit of growing a small business

The grit of growing a small business

I am currently writing from the airport in Knoxville Tennessee where I was fortunate to be asked ot speak to the owners conference with Neighborhood Barre. When Kady, the founder, and I first connected we planned on a quick chat. Sometimes things don't go as planned and that's a great thing. We ended up chatting for 1.5 hours largely around the origin of Equipt, neighborhood and growing a small business. I shared how Equipt started out of need, a new mom who loved design and needed something I could reach for and do a million things. (side note. She led us in workout class this am that was insane. We will definitely be doing an IG live where she gets us moving because it was incredible.)  If you are doing barre workouts inn the studio or in the house adding EQUIPT was a game changer. Use the Ubarre on the counter top to level up the challenge and tone the arms while burning those legs. 

Three biggest takeaways:

- Make a decision. A small one or a big way, the right one or the wrong one but indecision leads to you nowhere and making a small choice daily will lead you somewhere! 

-Start somewhere. I spoke about EQUIPT products and building from my own personal need as a new mom that wanted cool weights I didn't have to hide. I knew nothing about business, but knew that for my own sake having sexy weights would help.  Find commonality with your own needs and those in your community. 

-Comparison is the thief of joy. I sometimes look at other companies in the fitness and wellness space and admittedly have envy. Which does nothing but break down the soul. By looking thru the lens of " We got this too" it is a reminder that the outside image and the internal battle are not the same and focus on what you can control...your own mindset and journey. 

It is so cool seeing Neighborhood Barre start to bring the innovative fitness equipment to their studio! 


Side note: Sharing one of the moves they did where we added 3 lb Uwrap ankle weights and the 4 lb Ubarre around the back of the leg for glute kick backs. You had to focus on small and effective movement and man did my booty burn!