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The UBarre got a makeover

The UBarre got a makeover

As a small company trying to get constant finish right, we are launching the new UBarre. These are American made in Pennsylvania, not by a factory but by a young dad of four who was passionate about partnering with us. Thru this journey we have gotten some incredible feedback from you:

  • You want gold. As in GOLD! Not brass. So....we brought it back. 
  • We went with a matte finish to avoid the slip. 
  • Cerakote. Durable finish to help keep your fitness decor in top condition even if you are as hard on it as I am. 

The hardest thing is to feel as though we have been deceptive or disappointing people so I reach out with the below photo: These are the launch of eQuIPT and here for you. Hope you love and any questions as always we are here. Let's keep moving!