What I learned at Female Founder’s Day

What I learned at Female Founder’s Day

When I started EQUIPT it was a lonely slow journey. Now don’t worry the story gets happier. I mean, we’re here and moving together rocking our chic workout equipment. The journey to understand how to make a product, how to grow a business, how to make sure that our story, the reason I launched EQUIPT is inspiring you to move….well that can be a lot to learn. Especially given no background in business. (I was a model turned soap opera actress on General Hospital who had a daughter and wanted to change the narrative of what fitness was…in short.) 

Last week was Female Founder’s Day by the 10th house, which I cannot recommend enough. 

Here are three takeaways for anyone out there wanting to launch a company. 

-Don’t get lost in your resume, take the skills that are universally applicable. Your background, even if it is in a different industry with nothing to do with your new endeavor, can prove to have major value. Julissa Bermudez, founder of Republica Skin shared how her background in entertainment has been good practice for never getting weighted down by a now. (I share this!) 

-You are not expected to be the best or know everything. Alli Webb, founder of Drybar who continues to launch companies, reminded that she is great at hair and branding. Less so at the spreadsheets and behind the scene logistics. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, even if it is a friend or an advisor you book for 30. I can attest that my mission to bring more movement into life and make stylish weights is only growing because I have been paying attention to the not fun but crucial side of growing a company. 

-Female founders are out there doing incredible things. Life happens in the doing of it all. Enjoy the journey.

Hope this helps! And check out our IG Stories to see the 3 desk moves I did today and the song that is currently getting me moving.