Color Change

Color Change

Hi everyone, 
I wanted to address something about the recent color change from our metallics to the brass and charcoal. Unfortunately the previous manufacture who made the high gloss metallic shut down.  Not only is this a complicated and costly process,  but we are so thankful to have found a new manufacturer still based in the US who is able to provide us new Ubarres. He is trying to replicate the metallics and we will keep you posted. In the meantime we have the brass and the charcoal seen in colors. 

Please accept my most sincere apologies if you have felt deceived regarding the colors. Never has that been my intent. 

COVID has forced us, like many small businesses, to adapt in order to keep up. I am a mom of three, struggling to run a business with kids at home (hence the occasional package being colored on.) We are doing our best, but as a tiny, self-funded company with a new customer service addition, we are not without struggles. 

These are not meant to be excuses, but absolute honesty. I know if we want to be a growing business during this unprecedented time, change needs to happen. I don't take your time or hard earned money for granted, and our goal will always be to inspire movement. 

Sending joy, love and movement to all,