EQUIPT: Why the name change?

EQUIPT: Why the name change?

Sooo...I am going to start off with a confession. Not only did my business do a name change, I did as a human! Growing up I went by Krystal, name sake Crystal Gayle (hey Wyoming!) When I started college and began pursuing a career in entertainment I switched to my middle name, Kodi. It still is one of my names, just the one I identify more with. I have always loved it, even the tricky spelling so that I match my mom's name of Kathi. 

Some of you know we started as a workout studio, originally called best U studio. 

It was on Fairfax in West Hollywood and was a lot of fun. We were listed by Well & Good as a best barre studio, and had a brilliant community. A few factors led to the decision to close the doors and pivot. Not without tears, as I mentioned the community was amazing. But the decision was made.

We headed to London for a yr, and upon returning I realized that although our studio closed the Ubarre itself was still alive and well. I continued as best U but the business was different. A million questions "Are you a meditation app? Do you have a workout studio? " The answer is no, not meditation, we make rad workout equipment. A studio, well one never knows what the future holds. We are EQUIPTment based. See how I did that? I was scared that the work I had put into best U studio would be lost, but ultimately that feisty little gut said Do the damn thing! Stop deliberating and pull the trigger! So, I listened. 

We chose to rename the company EQUIPT. It stands for our Equipment as well as the idea of living  equipt.

Def: provided or fitted out with what is necessary or useful or appropriate. 

Say what? Yes.  We think our products are necessary, useful, and appropriate. Even if at times I am not. 
It took a lot of courage and a lot of legal work, but here we stand. EQUIPT. Thanks for joining again on the journey. So many exciting things in the pipeline! 



Kodi and Lola