Eye of the Tiger: how one song can shift the perspective and should

Eye of the Tiger: how one song can shift the perspective and should

Let's talk perspective. Eye of the tiger. Birds ever view. Okay one perspective is what I am referring to, but I suppose my animalistic references can come into play. 


This morning at 6:22 I heard blood cuddling cries from mommy down the hall. I sprinted in, thinking it was 3 am (it was 6:22 which is not a terribly inappropriate time) to have LB share her panic: The Octonaughts were not in her room. My first response was damn you child. (I am being honest!) Then we went downstairs, failed to find them but laid there and listened to the birds while she talked and I attempted to day dream and creatively visualize about the day. I know you have heard me talk about the book Creative Visualization, it is awesome.

Well my friends, now I sit. Ankle Wraps on and a two song workout under my belt. Wondering why I began this with a perspective convo? Here it is. You see I have the choice to sit here as I was frustrated about what I had not accomplished today thus far. It is 10:15 am. That means I have 10 more hours roughly in the day. 10 MORE! So instead of fusing on what I have not accomplished, I am choosing to realize what I have and that the day is still young. Thank you Tove Lo for the great mood boosting song, thank you to "D", a new customer who reached out with an issue and let me know how much she loves the product. She texted which I love. I am always here for calls or texts! I got over my fear of imperfection and shared my IG Live post a quick ab workout and I wrote this. 


You see, the day is still young and the view from the bird's eye and the tiger down below is in fact in your control even if much of life isn't. 


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