Fast CO Innovation by Design Honoree

Fast CO Innovation by Design Honoree

The Ubarre  is a recent honoree in Fast Co for both the wellness and the sports/fitness categories.

While NIKE and MIT Lab won, this is some crazy company to be in. 

This in particular hit home and to say I am proud, well that is an understatement. To me, this is a reminder that you do not need crazy amounts of experience to create something that resonates. Sometimes lack of experience can be beneficial. In the case of EQUIPT, I love to create fitness equipt that is stylish. Why? I need the motivation! I come from the user, not the professional. I brush my teeth in chair pose (one handed) with our Uwrap ankle weights and a kid next to me. And it counts. 

In so many ways our little EQUIPT that could is just getting started and this award is a little reminder we are on the right path.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you. And thank you Fast CO for the reminder that a model turned soap opera actress can go on to be a patented product designer and CEO. Chart your own path and move on down it. Preferable in Uwraps and shoulder pressing that Ubarre.