Last week we headed out west to the Santa Monica Barker Hanger for an amazing event called Foundermade. Full disclosure....I snapped only one image. Sorry. I'll get better. But had to share what the world is like beyond my bff Macbook. Because my friends, the world is awesome. I Foundermade is a tradeshow/event for wellness and beauty brands.  It was inspiring to see what people created. The dreams were big. The goals bigger. And they were making it happen' captain'. There was so much CBD it is the hottest thing to hit the town since queso dip. Hot. En fuego. On get it. CBD coffee, sparkling drinks, lotions, liquids, everything CBD you can think of. I wanted to give you a little info on just a few of the amazing brands we talked to and some cool takeaways. 

Okay so we mentioned CBD.Shanti Wellness   was one person we talked to. Her packaging is gorgeous and blends are even better. 

Let's say Kombucha and a cocktail got together and had a baby. It would be June Shine. A "hard" Kombucha? So damn good. (Side note. I stocked after the event and they have a beautiful brewery in San Diego. Field trip anyone? 

There were so many other brands from Granola to Navitas which is my favorite Goji Berry. (That sounds absurd.But it is.) 

      Overall the event was just incredible to see what these people took from their ideas to conception and continual growth. Here are a few ideas I walked away from:

  • Just do it. Nike said it. And they were right. In everything in life, you should simply act on it. Reid Hoffman of Linked in fame said if you weren't embarrassed by your first product you waited to long. I don't know if I would say embarrassed, but I would definitely say we are guilty of striving for perfection and now just doing the now. Our first Ubarre was an unattractive gray. Not sexy, cool gray. Gray. Well, we have our four finishes and they just keep coming. Evolvement is your lover. But do it. Take the trip. Launch the product. Take the plunge. 
  • Use your voice. There are so many resources out there to help in whatever you are choosing to do from motherhood to marketing. Don't eb afraid to ask. 
  • Following up on the above in a different way...ask for help but ask for stories. Foundermade was full of incredible people who saw a need and had a passion. I learned about Perfect Granola, which helps to eradicate poverty by employing at risk youth. Get out there and connect with each other. 

Thanks for listening and hope you enjoyed my little recap. I will share soon some of the exciting business news coming from best U after Foundermade (It involves partnerships, events, and these sexy weights showing up in some exciting spots.)