Growth- Powerful and painful

Growth- Powerful and painful

If you have gone to purchase a Ubarre you may have been frustrated by the lack of inventory. Justifiably so! Over the last year EQUIPT experienced a demand we were simply not prepared for, from basically ever aspect of the business. And we are still sad to admit we have not yet overcome. Many things have come into place, from growing the team to getting fulfillment but we are still experiencing issues with manufacturing. 

From the bottom of my heart any person that looks to the Ubarre I say thank you. For your time, those have purchased, the hard criticism and the compliments. We will be completely in stock a the latest May 1( I know so far off!) but that means we will remain in stock! We are trying to nail down the colors you love, bringing back that high shine glossy gold and keeping that sexy subtle burnt brass. 

Growing a business comes with pains and we just want to let you know we hear you. Can't wait to be in stock, please sign up for email notifications, ping us, email us to stay informed. We won't bombard you with worthless pitches we will try to encourage you to move and when we can we will let you know that Ubarres are here and ready for you to count on them.