How to get movement back after vacation (and to get it in while you're there!)

How to get movement back after vacation (and to get it in while you're there!)

Here's the thing...i just took a five year old to five states, 3 of which involved major family. I would sneak away to work but long intense workouts? Not a ton. 

A few ways I added into my time there. 

 My dad actually led me in a Ubarre workout at the ranch. One of the things I wish I had filmed! My sweet cowboy pops showing me the ways he adds Ubarre workouts to help riding. Core, Cardio, Squats....when I went riding everyday it helped. 

Now I am home and definitely over indulged on the holiday. It happens. I am not the most disciplined and need the gentle pushes, which it seems like the best way to begin is mindset. 

-Don't judge your body. Accept it. Easily said than done, but by recognizing the ebb and flow of the body you can see the power in both the movement and the rest. Again, this is simply my take on things and what helps me, hoping it helps you!

-All about that one song movement. Choose one move and one song, and get the body moving. I begin the day with it (I confess... mine is Elle King I'm drunk and I don't want to go home. Don't judge.)

-One mental shift around what you consume aka eat or drink. On holiday I am not scared of a noon spritzer. We're choosing honesty, right? Now that I am home and back to day to day living I keep choosing sparking water with water and the occasional collagen powder. 

Atomic Habits book is all about bringing the act of being an active person. By focusing on the act instead of the end result you don't get discouraged and bring health into the equation. Boom! 

-Keeping with the honesty vein I am pushing harder than normal and have been doing neighborhood walks (five year old!) I sprint, do stairs, and finish with core. 


Hope this helps and be kind to you! U got this!