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How U Move - Ashley Patten

How U Move - Ashley Patten

Today on the blog, Ashley Patten inspires us to MOVE. 
- Quick 3-5 sentences about you
I have many hats but my favorites include being a mother to my son Lincoln, pilates instructor to U, and of course wife to my hubby Ross.  I have been teaching for almost 14 years now and split my time teaching and living between NYC and Montauk.  I love all kinds of movements but Pilates is always the priority in my weekly schedule - it makes me strong but also makes me feel good.  
- What does movement mean for U?
Movement is how I take care of my mind and body.  It is what helps me be present for my son, my clients, my family and more.  
- Tell us about your movement routine?
I typically make my exercise plan the weekend before the upcoming week based on what's going on with my schedule.  Scheduling workouts, classes, lessons, and more is what helps me make sure I get them in.  Most often, I workout at 530/6 in the morning during the week.  Sometimes I have to split my workouts up - 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon (that early morning alam is occasionally hard to wake up to!)  But in general, if I can I love starting my day with exercise because it 1. guarantees I get my workout in and 2. really sets the tone for a positive day.  
- How do you take time for U?
Schedule, schedule, schedule.  You can't wait for someone to take care of you (ok yes often my husband does but I think you know what i mean) only you will know what you need.  Schedule your workouts in advance, pick a few recipes you want to make that week (NYT Cooking app is my bff) and as a mother occasionally use my childcare not just for work but so I can get a massage, manicure, etc.  These things go a long way.  
- What's the best advice you ever received?
I'm not sure, it's taken me a long time to find the confidence I have now.  But probably something I have been thinking about a lot in the last year and a half is along the lines of "what are you waiting for" - when will you ever know it's the right time to make a change, make a decision, etc.  If we keep waiting for the right time, how will we even know it is the right time?!  
- Favorite UBarre / UWrap moves?
I love the rowing series from the reformer on the mat with my UWraps.  They give an extra oompf to the series and make my posture feel amazing.  With the UBarre I love doing a standing lunge series with it where I can first challnge my hips but then use it as a prop for some great hip stretches when I'm finished.