How U Move - Karen Medina

How U Move - Karen Medina

Karen Medina is the stunning Pilates / Barre instructor who's always on the move! We caught up with her to get her take on movement and wellness. 

- Quick 3-5 sentences about you

I’m a Pilates and barre instructor. I love combining elements from both disciplines to create a movement experience that leaves you feeling toned and lengthened.

- What does movement mean for U

I love movement that focuses on sculpting lean, toned muscle definition with small low impact movement and high repetition, but most importantly leaves you in a positive, rejuvenated healthy state.

- Tell us about your movement routine?

My movement routine includes daily walks and hikes followed by a Pilates session! This is the best combo for me!

- How do you take time for U?

My favourite thing to do is have a really nice lymphatic drainage massage. I find them really relaxing and it helps with circulation, recovery and detoxification.

- What's the best advice you ever received?

The best advice I have received is to focus on my body and what feels right for me. Understanding that movement that works and feels good for others may not for me. We all move differently and have different abilities and capabilities. To be respectful of all bodies, all shapes, all sizes.

- Favorite UBarre / UWrap moves?

My favourite exercise using UWraps is side lying abductor work. Targeting the glute med. Using the weight definitely adds an extra element of burn.