How U Move - Monica Ruffo of Well Told Health

How U Move - Monica Ruffo of Well Told Health

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have partnered with Well Told Health across several initiatives. Their inspiring Founder, Monica Ruffo is a breast cancer survivor and gives her story in this weeks How U Move. 

- Quick 3-5 sentences about you and your story?  

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, I started questioning everything I was putting on and in my body. Incredibly, I discovered that the supplements I was taking were full of synthetics and fillers and that the word "natural" wasn't even a regulated word! How could this be? This really didn't sit well with me so I set out to create Well Told Inc., an emerging plant-based wellness company that formulates, develops, distributes and sells a variety of supplements, remedies and other functional wellness products that are completely clean and highly efficacious, all crafted from organic plants and nothing else. We are completely science-based in our approach, harnessing the power of plants to make the world a healthier place. 

- What does movement mean for U?

Movement is a form of meditation for me. I get into a zone and it helps me recenter and sweat out my stress and negative thoughts.

- Tell us about your movement routine? 

I LOVE spinning and always have. I usually do 3-5 sessions per week to which I include arm work. When I’m really stressed out I have been known to do 2 spin session in a row which I know is a bit crazy but it can be really therapeutic for me. I also love nature, walking and biking outdoors when I can. Stretching (which is on the other end of the spectrum from spinning!) is also a big favorite. I do deep stretches every day – I love the feeling.

- How do you take time for U? 

I force myself to! I can be very focused and very intense and can work for 14 hours straight without ever taking a break if I don’t check myself. So I have to write down appointments with myself in my agenda to make it happen.

- What's the best advice you ever received?

I was a competitive athlete growing up and then I was a coach and so for the longest time I saw movement as a competitive activity. I was always striving to be the best at whatever physical activity I did whether it was a competitive sport or whether I was just competing with myself. It was exhausting. And one day a yoga instructor said the simplest thing to me:  “never look at anyone around you while doing yoga- it is a personal practice”. And those words as seemingly obvious as they may be, changed everything for me. They shifted my perspective and gave me permission to move to the beat of whatever my body needs at any given time - to focus on me and listening to my body and soul.

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