How U Move - Susan Holmes McKagan

How U Move - Susan Holmes McKagan

Susan is one of our major inspirations. Not just a pretty face this one, I can tell you that! Harvard degree, author of amazing book, The Velvet Rose, model, mom, entrepreneur, I could go on. We caught up with Susan to get her take on movement, wellness and more!

What does movement mean for U?

Movement for me, means life! Everyday tuning in and connecting to your mind, your body… What was it my grandmother used to always say??? “If you don’t move it, you lose it” haha…  Movement is paramount for all ages. Movement enhances your mood, movement (helps tackle anxiety and depression). Movement increases your bodies lymphatic system ( helping keep your immunity strong). Movement is great for your bones, a healthy brain and sex!

- Tell us about your movement routine?

I try not to have any routine, except to work out and get my blood pumping every other day.  I mix it up, whether it’s through using my U Barre to lift and tone my arms/abs or legs.  Another day I will hit a Peloton bike class.  Other days, I do work out videos to swimming or hiking.

- How do you take time for U? Favorite way to exhale. 

Spending time with the ones you love, trying my hand at new healthy recipes in the kitchen to reading and sleeping in!

- What's the best advice you ever received?

“Ninety-ninepercent of what you worry about doesn’t even happen.” In other words, do not sweat the small stuff. Don’t over-think it.

- Favorite UBarre / UWrap moves?

I am a big fan of keeping my arms toned and love the UBarre doing lots of reps for my shoulders, biceps and triceps.  I also like to do squats with the U Barre and also the abdominal crunches with it too. The U wrap weights I do to my favorite You tube vidoes (there are so many good ones)!

-When you travel, what is a tip to maintain mind and body balance? 

Hydration (I wake up every single morning and drink 8 ounces of purified organic lemon water, before ever drinking my coffee.  I love me a bubble bath to soothe the mind and body pre sleep.  Writing down every day before going to sleep the next day’s to do list.  These helps ensure I get my eight of hours of sleep. And last but not least, working out letting off steam is always key.

-Okay Sus, You floor me. Some would be happy being a supermodel. I mean, how many covers? You've keep challenging from swimwear designer, published author (Loved The Velvet Rose!) to Harvard student. Oh, and not to mention you've travelled the world with your rock star husband Duff McKagan and mom to two extraordinary girls. 

What motivates you to keep innovating?  

I think I’ve always felt extremely grateful for what I have.  My health, my family and the access I have to continually grow.  I am an “A type” personality that needs to learn and/or give back.  I loved that my first book was a nice success (sold out in one day, on both Branes & Noble and Amazon, as well as received an award is pretty darn humbling --- but on eof my favorite parts of the book, is that I donate a portion of the proceeds to MusiCares Foundation ( a charity that is near and dear to my heart, one that truly helps so many battling addiction to HIV and Parkinson’s Disease).