I want it all and I want it now.

I want it all and I want it now.

Lately I am finding that my toddler and I are experiencing some of the same emotions. Although at times she can be slightly more evolved than I. You see, she wants all of the Octonaught toys and to binge the show at all hours of day and night. 

Me? Well, I want a thriving company, to be an excellent cook, (currently I have mastered the cheese plate and an amazing zucchini app....so we are on the right track,) to be knowledgeable about the world oh and to be active and a great engaged mother. 

Congratulations self...you have outlined great generic desires. Now...How do we fix this so that we can actually get somewhere given the parameters we have? Now we are talking. You see, by saying you want all of these broad things without clear definition and clearly identifying the barriers to achieving them you will be left with sheer and utter frustration which is what led me to write this. 

I wanted to share a lit and give a few tips on how I combatting, please share yours with me too! 


We are all in a mode of fight or flight right now. I keep busy, which does not mean productive. This leads to no productivity and unclear goals because I didn't set out with exactly what I want now, in one month, 6, one year...you get the picture. 

Wellness is a out the mental, emotional and the physical. By pausing the anxious buy behavior you allow your mind and body to rest and to dream. Dream. You know, that clarity kind of dreaming. Natalie Messenet, founder of Net A Porter, credits this type of incredibly clear creative visualization to helping her to create and build her company. 


Weird. Start and stop. That's also pretty generic yet it also is helpful. The stillness enables your body, mind and spirit to rest. And now, my recommendation is to put on one song and get your body moving. You will know if it needs to be pop, rock, country, mellow...but this is a step towards keeping your fitness rocking within the parameters. Because if you start with 4 minutes of movement, odds are you will keep going. If you want to rock your Uwraps ankle weights while doing this who am I to stop you, they will be stocked next week. 

Okay...back to matters at hand. Now. You will  feel confident and take one step towards what you want to accomplish.  You have started to nail down what you want and not become overwhelmed by the multitude and overwhelming big picture things and taken the small steps to get there, benefitting the mind, body and the soul. Hello life! 


Now back to my steps with a quick intermission to rid of the ants that don't belong on my wooden table. 

Stay still. Stay moving and don't forget...you got this,

Kodi xx