In honor of National Hiking Day: Reminiscing on equipt movement thru Paros, Greece

In honor of National Hiking Day: Reminiscing on equipt movement thru Paros, Greece

Last summer we took a family holiday to Greece. Naturally I don't leave home without EQUIPT weights! I found a few ways to sneak movement in. In the bustling world we live in, finding moments to move and prioritize our well-being can often seem like an elusive goal. Especially when you're on a family holiday of 12! 

Finding Minutes to Move:

charming villages? Check. Amazing Cuisine? Check. Gorgeous natural beauty? Check! 

Equipt's philosophy revolves around integrating movement into our daily lives seamlessly. And even though with children and a family holiday it may not be the easiest, there was still time to transform any moment, whether waiting for a ferry or soaking in the island's cultural richness, into an opportunity for a quick exercise routine. 

On Paros there was an incredible hike from the Byzantine Period. It was hot. There was no shade. I wore Uwrap ankle weights and half way thru switched to wrist weights. We make sure comfort is at the forefront of what we make so there was no issue with that, simply the added workout while walking! I highly recommend. 

Paros, with its natural beauty and Equipt wellness equipment, creates a harmonious environment where fitness becomes an integral part of the daily routine. It's a reminder that wellness is not confined to a dedicated gym but can be woven into the fabric of our experiences. Embrace the synergy of Equipt fitness and Paros' allure, where movement becomes not just a choice but an integral part of the island's rhythm and your well-being.