International Womens Day

International Womens Day

I have been thinking a lot about today ad initially shared something simple and strong. As I sat at the playground chasing a toddler and simultaneously on a zoom call and wearing ankle weights I got to thinking...there is more to share. 


Here is the thing...I am raising two fierce women. I can finally say in my late thirties I too am a fierce woman. Why can I say that? Because I have worked my ass off to cultivate a woman I am proud to be. Imperfect, ever growing. A cheerleader  to those I love, a dreamer, a doer, living curious. 

Like so many women this year has pushed me to the brink. My company has almost folded multiple times not because of lack of demand but because I have been a company of 1 with no childcare. We moved closer to my mom and put my daughter in preschool, but the struggle is certainly real. The opposition between what we dream and want to what day to day existence brings. 

So today I say the women out there who are relentless in their pursuit of life. Be it professional or personal, keep choosing to own what you are interested in. Owning...U. I was a soap opera actress who got fired and wanted to create the best version of U. I curse, I drink, I eat. I live on my own terms and I hope you will too. 

As a little token of gratitude tonight thru midnight we will be offering 20% all EQUIPT from the site, Ubarres will be preorder landing soon. Lets' keep living loud and on your own terms. Stronger together.