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It's International Women's Day!

On this day I decided to reintroduce myself. As we all know, who we are is ever evolving! A few things that may not be known about EQUIPT and myself. 

  • I have no background in traditional business...I bought my first condo at 25 as a model. Not the most glamorous usually, but enabled lots of great memories. That career began when I opened a yellow pages in Ojai, CA and called a "modeling agency." BE FEARLESS
  • From there I went on to play Dr. Maggie on General Hospital. The role of a mischievous country girl was written for me, which was a compliment until new circumstances led to all of the actors being fired. My four year contract became one. 

When things don't get as planned (and they won't!) Stop. Feel and the feels. Then cowboy up and keep going. Any direction. 

  • When I had my daughter the idea for the Ubarre took on a whole new level. The Ushape was the best idea of U. I curse, I drink, I move my body. I am nonlinear and unconventional and my movements tend to follow suit. Leg lifts during legos, occasionally pushing more when I know my body needs it. The Ubarre patent belongs to one of my best friends, Nadine Levitt and I. We champion one another everyday, even know with her knew endeavors. It still feels exciting to recognize I am an inventor.  12% of US patent holders are women. If you have an idea, go for it. The worst thing that happens is you can say you went for it. 
  • When I met my husband he had two kids, 3 and 6. They are my bonus kids, now 13 and 17. My daughter is now almost 5. I won't say the juggle of kids and mother hood and kids is real because there is no way to put it. During the pandemic, when most fitness equipment was booming we struggled with the inventory, being a bootstrapped very small company and having 3 kids. We recently moved my dad in, which is a hilarious story unto itself. He is a cowboy from Wyoming and the greatest gift. I still lament not being able to provide all I want to for our customers and instead of wallowing am doubling down on future improvements. Accept the windy road. There is no direct path. There is your path. Take it. 

Don't be afraid to take the long road. As woman we identify with so many roles and often neglect the one relating to the self. Own U. And know that U is ever evolving. 

One last thought. Be all the the things. In your style, identity and your mind. You define U..