It's U studio is now EQUIPT

It's U studio is now EQUIPT

best U was built on the idea of creating the best version of yourself.  When we closed down the workout studio I didn't know where the road would lead for best U. It was a hard decision that a few factors led us to, among them the need to relocate spaces. Well... that wasn't in the future at the time. So I took my Ubarre and lugged it all over the world, from the beaches of the Seychelles to our London flat. A few stops in between. I knew it was something I loved to use. that it helped me to move thru my day. That was the impetus to redesign the U and make it secure than ever and the continuing evolvement of the company.

 As the Ubarre grew, best U studio was a message of what we believed in and still do. That you are in charge of cultivating your best self. We have decided that the best version of ourself involves a name change. Change. Ahh that scary little minx she is, crucial to evolvement. 


We are the same company providing your luxury fitness equipment. Same people who love to move with you in your home, office, and in person. We are adding new products (ankle weights drop in hot in two weeks!) as some other exciting ones in the works. And we believe in living Equipt.
EQUIPT for living your best life.
EQUIPT for moving in style. 
we believe in living EQUIPT for anything and everything. 
Because when you are EQUIPT you are your best self, ready for anything. 


Thanks for growing with us and please continue to follow us on social and join us in living EQUIPT