Last day of 2020...Wow

Last day of 2020...Wow

I am sitting here reflecting, alone for the first time in a long time. My husband took LoB to the park. I quickly put on one song, next thing you now the endorphins are running and feelings happening...

Yesterday on a call I was asked how the pandemic affected EQUIPT. In the vein of radical transparency ( and absolutely no filter...must learn to slow down and process) I let it out. 

You see EQUIPT pre pandemic was a one man band. My supply chain as an absolute mess...four stops before I epoxies them myself in the garage. No school, no childcare, three kids. Every stop was delayed, we are self funded which meant that the income we previously counted on like so many of us was unstable so we were not even sure if we could carry on. 

Yet...We buckle down. My kids became my packing partners, earning screen time. My Dad stayed with us for a while so I could have some help with Lo. My husband cooked every single meal 3x a day. Ashleigh helps with customer service, my old roommate and forever sister. We have a rockstar partner in Pennsylvania, a dad of four who is now the turnkey operation for the Ubarres. Notice...this is not some massive factory. This is one guy who also believes int he message of movement and takes precision and care with every detail. 2 months ago the EQUIPT team was blessed to become a company of two, Riley, who has been  god send and believes in the mission of movement. Because that is what it is all about. When I get the feedback that you feel better about yourself, feel strong and sexy thru the heart explodes. The U began as a for of self love. The kind where you own your best self. I curse, I am cocktail friendly...sometimes I will not move more than a five minute increment. And when the time comes, as I am feeling now I need more...well I have the tools and discipline to do it. 

We are expanding to our 9th country, have an amazing retail partnership in NYC for Spring, and am overwhelmed by the DM's showing how you U. 

Thank you. Thank you for the patience. The support. The love. I promise to keep making movement sexy fun and powerful, to listen to your feedback, and to keep helping us all to liveequipt.