Let's say hi to Annalisa Barret: Ojai girl, SparklePopMama creator and core enthusiast

Let's say hi to Annalisa Barret: Ojai girl, SparklePopMama creator and core enthusiast

I had the joy of growing up with this human in Ojai. She is a die hard fitness enthusiast and also recent creator of Sparkle Pop Mama . She was also one of the first in our group of girlfriends to have a baby (now has two kids!) I have always admired her ability to self care and in honor of Mothers Day thought we should hear some words. 

What inspired you to start Sparkle Pop Mama?

I created SPM because by the time my 2nd child reached preschool age, I realized that it’s rare to find mothers who keep it real when it comes to sharing parenting stories. In fact, my closest “mom friends” are the ones with whom I share my deepest parenting fears and insecurities. SPM represents the side of motherhood that most don't post on Instagram: poor bladder control, kids who drive us crazy, the difficulties of marriage, non-traditional conception... and it even touches on the realest of the real, postpartum depression and anxiety. PPD and PPA were the main reasons I decided to enter into the line of work of being a postpartum doula. The transition into motherhood is so delicate and it is as obtruse as it is heart-filling. Women need support through this period in their lives when they are most vulnerable. When expectations don't necessarily meet reality, it helps to have someone there who's been through it tell you "It's going to be ok. You are doing a fabulous job. This shit ain't easy."

Motherhood in one word?

Family CEO. (Sorry. That's two.)

Favorite move with the Ubarre? 

Ooh! So many! But since Prenatal is my
specialty, I have to say the GODDESS SQUATS while squeezing the U
between your hands (holding it at your chest). The best part about
this move is we get to work on the pelvic floor which is beneficial
both prenatally and postnatally. With our legs wide and feet turned
slightly out, we inhale as we descend down and exhale (pulling in and
up through the pelvic floor) as we rise up. The Ubarre keeps our core
and upper back engaged while we squeeze it which optimizes proper
posture and eases back pain.

What does Self Care mean to you? Number one tip? 

I am a huge advocate of self care. Self care is anything
you do that is solely for YOUR benefit. I recommend mothers do this
for at least an hour 2-3 times per week. Whether it's reading your
favorite book genre, going to the spa, having lunch with a bestie,
getting a blowout or working out... it doesn't have to be expensive
and it doesn't have to take all day, but it should be selfishly yours.
I go to yoga or ballet for my "Me Time". For that hour, I am being led
(not doing the leading), meditating on my body and not thinking about
anyone else's needs. Do this, and I promise you will show up for your
loved ones better than before.

Favorite thing to do in LA with kids?

My kids will say going to the
Santa Monica Pier. But we moms want to enjoy ourselves too, right? I
love driving up the PCH and taking them to Malibu Cafe at Calamigos
Ranch. They have fun outdoor games, a pond with ducks and paddle
boats, and most importantly, great food and delicious drinks! I like
to meet my mom friends with our kids and let them run around and play
while we... celebrate motherhood.

What's your go to song?

Lately, I've been cranking up Dixie Chick's "Sin Wagon".
It has many uses: gets me going for my workouts, turns my frown upside
down (just try to listen to this song and not smile) and if my kids
are arguing in the car, there is no way they can compete with the
twangy, fast beat when I turn it up and sing along!


Thank you Anni! If you want to check out her core moves check here .