Mirage vs Candor...laying it all on the line.

Mirage vs Candor...laying it all on the line.

We've all been in a position where  you question...Is this something I should do the radical transparency route? Or do I keep wee bit of a mirage? I have highlights (Not this year) I prefer rodeo to football even though I told my husband I was a football fanatic. You get it...

Well...I am opting down the ol' Radical transparency path inspired by John Foley from Peloton.  I used to try to give the illusion of a much larger company than I am. By much larger I mean here is who we are....

Myself, Kodi, a Mom of 3. I have my toddler in school 8 hours a week otherwise she is next to me. I have on part time employee, and on occasion my girlfriend helps with customer service. I have boot strapped this business to date. We have undergone so much change from trying to go the supply chain, to adding a warehouse. I have fought tooth and nail to avoid becoming a victim of working motherhood in the pandemic and keep this dream of movement alive. 

So know you know the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. (name that movie....)

Here is what I did to cowgirl up and make it a business that can keep you moving, even if like me it means on occasion doing leg lifts while emailing and coloring. Bring it in multitask.

I was fortunate to find a mentor, friend and partnership with Intenza fitness. They will be making all of our Ubarres. 

I have asked for help. From my mom, my husband and my girlfriends. Doesn't always mean I get it, I guess they are allowed to have lives as well. I guess. My mom is currently hiking in her Uwraps for 10 miles. Seriously. At 71. I digress. 

Finding a relationship expert. Not for myself...for my fourth baby, EQUIPT. The person that will make sure you know tracking, what weight you should get. Everything. We want to overshare rather than under so you know how grateful I am and what is happening. 

Focus. Love the advice of the 20 minute increment. Don't get overwhelmed by the large and focus on the small.

Which plays in to my next words of possible wisdom...incorporate movement into life. After drop off I put on one song and did some of my favorite moves.  I do lunges while I am counting for hide and seek. My go to...I plank all day.

All this is to say thank U. Thank U for sticking with me. Anyone that has experienced delays you have already received some tokens of my apologies.  

All of our heavy Ubarres are already sold out until May, we have 4 and 8 available next week. 

Preorders are very much appreciated and now until Sunday night everything on the site is 15% off. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My 20 minutes is almost up, albeit not the most professional to you guys want to see more of the impromptu workouts? Email or DM me and let me know and I will be sure to oblige. Or do my best.