Our founder Kodi Berg honored with a Hall of Character & Achievement Award

Our founder Kodi Berg honored with a Hall of Character & Achievement Award

I recently had something exciting happen. Yes, I got my nails done for the first time in 2 years. But that wasn't it. My high school in my hometown of Ojai, CA reached out. Jennifer and her Dad started a program called the character of Character and Achievement and they wanted me to come in and speak to the kids about our recent purchase of Ojai Ice Cream and launching EQUIPT. I won't delve into details, but in retrospect it was a very cool opportunity to highlight some of the wins that we tend to overlook. As a fellow Ojai Nordhoff Ranger (shout out to some fun football games!) how can I encourage the juniors and seniors to dream big. 

It doesn't matter what you don't know.

Now more than ever knowledge is there for the taking. I have found a love of product design and materials I never knew existed. Part of the driving force behind creating EQUIPT's line of chic workout equipment. (admittedly biased.) This was not formal training, yet hours of reading and you tube. 

One step leads to another. 

I began my career as a model at 15 years old. I opened the phone book, called an agency out of Ventura County. I knew nothing and no one. By taking that first phone call and following thru I found an agency that I would stay with until I quit at 29 years old. Take the step. Who knows what the path is, a vague idea helps but not crucial!  The journey is part of the adventure. 

Ask for help. 

Even now as I journey along, we have a few interesting new fitness products in mind for the ultimate home gym. Key word: In Mind. That means a crazy discovery of what material and in my case will this material work? Usually they say "no this isn't good for this." I say okay send it anyway and the journey rolls on. It never takes one call. One question to make a new product. Each one is a step in the right direction.  

I am also a part of some incredible women's networking groups that I use often. 

I thank you Nordhoff, Jennifer and Ojai for giving me the opportunity to reflect on the years since high school and how I took my love of this small time and took it to this life long adventure.