Womens Equality Day

Womens Equality Day

"Above all, be the heroin of your life. Not the victim."

-Nora Ephron

One of the most incredible tings about being a woman, well, a million. We often spend time downplaying. Nope, I am not this. All shucks I got lucky. The truth is ownership of yourself enables so much. You take control over the self. So in spirit of this right now, I am going to own some of being a bad ass woman. 

I got my foot in the modeling door by opening the phone book in Ojai, CA and calling a modeling agency. One step led to another. Courage over fear. I bought my house from this at the age of 25. Were most of the jobs glamorous? Nope! But they were mine. And enabled some great opportunities. 

You can sculpt your best self. In the views of your best self. 

I am a mother to a four year old and two bonus teenagers. 

I create design focused workout equipment because I believe the reinvention of the traditional allows a different perspective on the traditional. 

I have champagne tastes for many things but can often be found brimming ear to ear on the back of a horse in the open range. 

I see vision five years ahead and ask for help in the day to day getting there. I fail often, cry and cowboy up the next day. 

Own U. A woman is many things and the most important is to own your time, your body and your desires. Oh, and surround yourself with other bad ass women.