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Hey sleep, can we be lovers again?

Hey sleep, can we be lovers again?

Sooo I sit here writing not to vent but to say hey guys, any tips! Normally I am at coming at you with healthy doses of movement and travel ideas. Today is not normal. I am beyond grateful for some of the exciting things happening, from a crazy Pop Up (details coming soon but let's just say this will be raaaad...) to a slew of new products in the works. I drive my husband a little bonkers with my love of creation, but hey what can you do? 


But then that sneaky little thing called life sneaks in. Three kids sleeping soundly, which is not an easy task! But then that sound sneaks down the hallway. Meowwww.... Spot! My adorable but at 3:42 am aggravating cat comes in! And my lover known as sleep never came back until the baby woke at 542 and the day began. So I sit here with aspirations and deadlines, including pre school pick up and I am zonkered. Sidenote...isn't that a  great word?

Ok...back to the task at hand. Which is...sharing. Because sometimes sharing with you guys gives such a direction and a purpose to honestly all we are doing. I want it to to match the vision in my head and the experience you deserve. So thank you for listening and your patience on the journey. I am going to toss on the wrist weights, stroll, allow my kitty cap nap while my kitty cat Lola naps (and hopefully the real Kitty too!) and then this afternoon I will solidify something that will be shared with you guys very soon. 


Writing helps, naps help, any advice you guys have to share the sleep less nights when you can't turn your brain off? Fight or flight do you read, or grab that cup of joe and begin the day?