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Hello from Kodi and EQUIPT

Hi guys, Kodi here. It is 841 pm on Tuesday and I will simply say yowza. Yup. That feels like an appropriate word. There are many more probably more appropriate, but I will stick with yowza.   I ha...
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Well hello there

Hi all, It's Kodi here. Writing from my home in Los Angeles while my toddler sleeps next to me. I thought I would re introduce myself. I wanted to begin with  my gratitude of you even being on our ...
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Hey sleep, can we be lovers again?

Sooo I sit here writing not to vent but to say hey guys, any tips! Normally I am at coming at you with healthy doses of movement and travel ideas. Today is not normal. I am beyond grateful for some...
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What's in a word?

Here's the thing. Is the UBarre a weight? Damn straight it is. Prettiest one you've ever seen. Do you use it to workout? Well, yes. That's true to. But I don't the word  "workout weight" just doesn...
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