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I like the way you move...

I like the way you move...

You guys I am having an addiction to doing workout events. I miss having the workout studio and getting the opportunity to move with you so this has been amazing.

Kelsey Reddicks and Kodi Kitchen Barre Equipt workout event at Platform

This Saturday kicked off a series of Barre workout events we are doing.  I met Kelsey of UbeautifulSoul online. Saw what she was talking about and I will confess...her energy matches her mission. Kind. Determined. A woman who believes in creating your best life and owning U. She has been training all over town with the black and gold Ubarres (love hearing her clients love!) The new park at Platform was a perfect space.      
 UBarre EQUIPT workout event
Naturally Lola B the EQUIPT mascot was there to help lay out mats, and simply be her cute self. Since she was 4 months old I have been traveling with her for work and play. Makes it worth it to have that supportive little human and my sweetest husband there watching her. I love having my own business where I get to both hustle and work and be with my kids . 
To all of those who moved with us on Saturday...thank you. It was so special getting to move along side you! My booty is still burning. Reach out if you are interested in a UMOVE workout with Kelsey. 
Some favorite moves: 
  • Jacknife! Use using the UBarre it makes an excellent ab workout, inhale. On your exhale contract raising arms and legs. Hold for 3 seconds and lower down with control. Do 12x for 2-3 Sets. 
  • I loved holding the Ubarre for those jumping jacks. Keeps the upper body engaged and posture spot on. 
  • Shoulder taps. No UBarre required, hold in plank position and tap those shouldersKeep that core engaged. Tap each  shoulder 5x for 2-3 sets. 
We are heading to Malibu tomorrow.  Still tickets available and all doantions go to Alliance of Moms. Can't wait to partner with these amazing women for our wellness event right on the water in Malibu. I will be teaching our "Minute moves" as a 15 minute series you can sprinkle in your day. 
Kodi Kitchen EQUIPT UBarre female founder Malibu