Sweat and Sip in Ojai

Sweat and Sip in Ojai


We took the Ubarres up to our hometown of Ojai for a fantastic sweat and sip under the pergola at the Topa Mountain Winery. I am from Ojai, that kind of small town that everyone believes no-one really grows up in. Hint: We do. We did. And it's much different than my experience now. Raised pickups, Boones Farm and Orange groves were a main stay of the high school weekend experience. Now it's a bit more rose and strolling thru the orange orchards. Occasionally the country music is still blaring. Ok I digress...

We joined forces with  Annalisa Barrett of Sparkle Pop Mama a best friend and fellow Ojai Native. I started the class with our signature Ubarre workout, taking moves you may now and bumping them up. A good amount of cardio and strength training. We then switched it up and Annalisa brought it to the floor for some yoga and core work using the UBarre. Such a fun combo platter that we may be taking on the road (hint hint...see you in June) 

Annalisa and I decided to share our top 3 moves from the class as well as three of our favorite Ojai tips in case you are visiting our beautiful hometown. Was such an incredible day, naturally I had my mom and Lola B there. We saw old friends and met new ones. Always the best experience moving our bodies alongside one another. 


X Reach 
Opposite arm opposite leg, this can be done with any weight, just be sure you are engaging the core, protecting your neck and using control not momentum.
You may notice this move showing up basically everywhere and that's because I am basically obsessed with it. Why? Well it is a full body toner. And requires little to no mental energy to stop and do it. (Other moves I push for but there is a time and place for everything!) And it is a calorie burning, booty sculpting, posture inducing waist whittler so why WOULDN'T it be a go to for you? 
Love this one for the options. Annalisa gave the choice of resting your Ubarre on your leg, reaching it over head, or the added challenge of the core twist with it.
Here's a tidbit of info: Ojai is one of the only valley's that runs East to West. This is one of the factors many believe makes it such a spiritual Mecca, which those from Krishna Mirdi to anyone who has visited would agree with. 
My belief? Well that's true. There is an energy. The sound of thew birds, the pink moment sunsets and the slow living is something that seeps in to your veins. I love city living my but my small town roots will always ru deep. 

If you are wondering how and why this is an insider scoop...stick with me. One of the things my husband and I love to do is bike thru town. We enjoy a pit stop which often includes a glass of wine if I am being honest. Sometimes we stop at the Topa Mountain Winery or the Inn. Then...onwards we go. Going thru town you pass Libby Bowl, which is beautiful as you are biking thru all of the Oak trees, if there is a concert going you can just listen to the sounds from the trail. Down the path a bit farther, you will start to have to divert. I guessyou have toThere is a great place to taste and buy Olive Oil, aptly named Ojai Olive Oil. Beautiful and fun not to mention a great gift. 
We usually end up at Boccalis in the East end (Throwing out some local lingo for you!) They grow their own vegetables  and make the most incredible tomato salad and strawberry shortcake ever. Dwayne and Marilyn run it, although now the next generations are making the wine and their mark. Truly a special place, big grassy area for kids to run w
it to bike along the trail it runs all the way to Ventura and is mainly downhill. The return would be a different story.
A go to hike. We bring the kids and a backpack of snacks. The hike is roughly an hour round trip, although if you want to keep going you can. A magical little adventure. But the view from the top is incredible, and it is long enough to exhaust the kids but short enough they feel accomplished. And by children I am including myself. Best way to get there? Go up the 33 past the deer Lodge. You will see a dirt parking lot across the street from Friends Ranch. Park there, cross the street and away you go! Ojai directions in their finest form. 
Ok. Freshly baked bread from this woman's home. Does it get more grassroots than that? Oh. And it is the BEST. Savory? Try the olive bread. Sweet? I have never had a better almond croissant in my life. Order and pick up. It's worth it. 
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