The Parker Palm Springs for Stagecoach weekend

The Parker Palm Springs for Stagecoach weekend

Hi ya'll

I am from Wyoming, so the idea of putting together a workout compilation of bad ass country music for men and women in Palm Springs with our friends over at Style Firm was basically heaven. Basically being an understatement. 

We kept the cardio up, line dancing moving, and Ubarres squeezed for our 45 minute workout. 

There were a million reasons to love this weekend: The country music (naturally. I mean, hello Sam Hunt!)

A great getaway with the girls. (Crucial to life!)

And teaching a class full of an absolute range of people, and having everyone push themselves right alongside each other in the sunshine. (The power of community is real!)

Don't ever forget:

Using your Ubarre you can have a cardio dance by squeezing that Ubarre. That is engaging the back, core lats and arms simply taking the lower body work and making it full. We were line dancing and hopping to Dierks Bentley and it felt good.....

Focus on control.
Draw your Shoulders away from our ears, with a slight bend in the standing leg extend the opposite leg out to the side, straight and strong. 
Focusing on control, bring the leg up as your crunch the obliques. 
Squeeze your Ubarre! That's where the arm work, lats, back and core work is happening. 
Do 12 Reps of 3 x on each side. 
Annalisa is using the 4 lb gold,  but any weight will work wonders!