Well hello there

Well hello there

Hi all,

It's Kodi here. Writing from my home in Los Angeles while my toddler sleeps next to me. I thought I would re introduce myself. I wanted to begin with  my gratitude of you even being on our site, each and every EQUIPT product is actually shipped from my garage.

I struggle with what to write as the current climate words are hard to come by. But I have also gotten a ton of requests for more videos and moves and I believe in the power of movement so am writing this now. 

I hope you will remove the stigma of what a workout is, time spent in the gym, and replace it with movement. Chase your toddler. Calf raise while cooking. I even do yoga stretches in the shower. For babies, sleep begets sleep. As we grow, movement begets movement. Even if you do one silly dance song, the endorphins and the blood gets going. 

Lola and I also are pretending to be animals all day. Cat cow in yoga, birds chasing and flying and really getting those arms flapping. 


We will be putting a ton of the workouts on all of our social channels and if anyone has a Ubarre or a question on them feel free to email (even just reply here, I will get it!) and we can even facetime for a quick 5 minute session where I can guide you thru. Our you tube has videos as well. Let's stay home, stay strong, stay healthy, and stay ware of what we can do for others.