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There's a term being thrown around...wellness real estate. It  is everything from entire neighborhoods to dedicated rooms within the house made to help you live your best self. Here's the beautiful thing. Living well is for all of us. And we can all find ways to incorporate living well into our homes and lives. 

House Beautiful just created an entire gorgeous home for living well. We were honored to be included in the house in Atlanta. "These weights double as sculptures." They used our 5 lb white and gold Ubarres. 

Some other tips you can include in your home? 
Create a designated tech free space. Whether it's mediation or relaxation, have an area you feel comfortable in to read, meditate or daydream. I am a HUGE advocate of daydreaming, how else can you imagine what you want to build? Whether a relationship or a company. 

Also....DECLUTTER! I'm not going to lie.  I struggle big time with this. I'm a bit of a clutter bug but try daily knowing that a clean space feels more like an empty canvas. 

"Never let enough reality into your life that there is no room to dream." -My Pops

Allow yourself daily opportunities to move and to breathe. Don't define them. Do them. A few good stretches, some Ubarre workouts, and just lying with your eyes closed and your mind open. These things can majorly alter your day and hence forth life. Because after all, shouldn't we all live well?