What's in a word?

What's in a word?

Here's the thing. Is the UBarre a weight? Damn straight it is. Prettiest one you've ever seen. Do you use it to workout? Well, yes. That's true to. But I don't the word  "workout weight" just doesn't seem to fit. Semantics, semaaantics tomato tom-ah-to. I still don't prefer it. 

Why you ask? Well let me tell you. Because the word "workout" can be intimidating. We are accustomed to the belief that if we do not go to the gym and sweat for two hours we did not workout. And I am here to tell you that lots of major body, mind and soul benefits can come from one twenty minutes, ten minutes. Even one minute. I am a true believer in this. Fact: Since having Lola B one year ago I have taken one yoga class and one pilates class. This is not something to be proud of. Nor is it to be ashamed of. It is simply how I have happily chosen to go about. And that my friends, is also why we are best U. What works for some does not work for others. Own the best version of U. 

Now give me some lunges thru your day and I shall be on my way.