Motherhood: a month of celebration, awareness and giving back and getting some

Motherhood: a month of celebration, awareness and giving back and getting some

For the next 30 days we have joined forces with Daily Karma. (Sidenote: Obsessed with this organization) Maternal health is real. From the physical recovery to the emotional. I believe it takes a village. We were not made to be alone and to do this alone. Yet for some reason we have decided that sharing is not an option. That asking for help...not an option. That the polarity of loving every second and losing your patience. It's okay to not be okay. 


I am a mom to three kids. Being blessed to be marry a man with kids means that after seven years when Lola came, the shock was there but not to the same amount. The physical was something I wasn't expecting. I loved pregnancy. After only being in jobs based on my physical appearance, there was something liberating to giving way to the growth of that little human. (We called who is now Lola Rope Cash Outlaw Berg. You know, something basic. I am from the country after all. She almost ended up Outlaw!) 


The journey of children is what everyone says: It's magical, unlike anything in the world, full of exhaustion, excitement , tears and basically living  in a permanent heightened sense of emotion. What is particularly exciting for lack of a better world about the world we live in now is that it is now okay to not be okay. You can struggle, be lost, feel alone, want some alone time and it does not mean you are a bad mother. On the contrary, you are tuning into your emotions and needs and checking in. Which in turn, will make you a better mother. 


When you ask someone how they are doing, try to listen. And when you are asked, live your truth. We are all living this life together, so collectively let's make it the best we can.