ubarre stretch stress relief

Sometimes you've got to move and sometimes you simply breathe.

Yesterday was one of those days. You know the ones that kind of just kick your booty? My 2 year old decided sleep is for the wk both during the night and that 5 am is a good time to start the day. Sleep deprivation is no joke and sometimes that nasty part of your brain gets the best of you. I was going down the rabbit hole of "Oh man I am not being the best mom, I have so much work I want to do, and on top of that my house is super messy! Well...I had to pause. That mind can be a nasty wench and it wasn't helping the situation listening. 


I got to thinking about why I started EQUIPT in the first place. To own U. With that is acknowledging that every day is different. Some days I feel professionally like it is all going right, some days that is in the land of mama hood and least we not forget some days it is important to just have a good all around day. Guess what...there are hills and valleys. So although yesterday was a valley, about 2 pm when I realized no napping/work would be happening I paused. I laid down, which meant Lola laid right next to me, and allowed the power of the breathe. I allowed myself to stop. To think. And to acknowledge not what needed to be done, but what could be done. Visualizing how I could change the course of the day. 

It helped! I got up, put on clothes that made me feel better (big fan of the power of feeling good,) tossed on my favorite YSL red lipstick and put on a song. I grabbed my Ubarre and Uwraps and Lola and I had an amazing dance party. Side note: super cute hearing her say "Mama's Ubarre!" We had a great dance off which got those endorphins going and both our bodies moving. The rest of the day was changed for the better by allowing a little self tenderness and the pause to think and the power to move. Highly recommend it to switch your day around. 

honor what is in your present moment.