Hello from Kodi and EQUIPT

Hi guys, Kodi here. It is 841 pm on Tuesday and I will simply say yowza. Yup. That feels like an appropriate word. There are many more probably more appropriate, but I will stick with yowza.   I ha...
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Well hello there

Hi all, It's Kodi here. Writing from my home in Los Angeles while my toddler sleeps next to me. I thought I would re introduce myself. I wanted to begin with  my gratitude of you even being on our ...
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Monday Motivation- UBarre Arm Workout

Let's get straight to business...it's Monday and you are busting your hot buns to make the day and week what you want it to be.  So sprinkle in this arm workout featuring celebrity trainer Wes Oker...
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Hey sleep, can we be lovers again?

Sooo I sit here writing not to vent but to say hey guys, any tips! Normally I am at coming at you with healthy doses of movement and travel ideas. Today is not normal. I am beyond grateful for some...
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